Saturday, February 21, 2009


This last Christmas vacation I went down to Puerto Rico... got to admit that life, skateboarding and graffiti have made me a taught girl. Even thou my vacations were not exactly as I planed I stick to my plan of doing the Skate Jam at the Tropical Storm Bowl, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. This is something I have been dreaming of since summer 2008.

It was a low-budget idea, we did a web-flyer which MadRican and Playwood Media help me to post in Facebook and Myspace. There were no directions to get to the bowl in the flyer. You had to ask a friend how to get there or just figure it out...

Wow! We got like 50 kids, skaters, friends, neighbors, a "phsyca", and very few girls. Yep! I was surprise everybody made it. We had a hell of a day! I made hot dogs for everybody... my BBQ skills are kinda crazy, but I did my best.

Early in the afternoon, thet boyz cleaning the dirty and full of plants bowl.

Yeah!... Huck rippin' it out!



The BBQ spot.

A friend, Giancarlos, Michelle, and me.

Em' I the only girl?... hahaha! like always.

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cvelez said...
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cvelez said...

Dejando un saludo por aqui, y tambien para dejar saber que pienso que lo que haces esta brutal por no decir otra palabra. No soy grafitero ni hago murales, pero siempre me ha gustado tu estilo y viendo tus murales me dio la idea de yo hacer lo mismo con mis dibujos, pero ya no estoy en puerto rico, so no estoy con los panas con los que me pude ir a pintar ni tampoco se como comenzar un mural. Pero na' tu estilo esta brutal y exito con todo lo que pintes en el futuro.

uno de tus fans :D