Friday, July 31, 2009

LIME (board culture magazine)

NEW! press from the Czech Republic.
Thanks to Bara, Priscilla, Andres, and SpaceJunk.


This was a really fun nite!!! Thanks to everybody, specially to my dad for that delicious cake. For more pictures of E.A Flow, friends, and my live painting (collaborations by SON, ACTY and PUN18), visit Pedro Feria BLOG.

The Trapaga's

So most of you wonder why the f*ck I stayed in Puerto Rico for so long. I hope it was only for the beach... hahaha!!! but we were busy working on a mural commission at the Trapaga's house.


Visit to see this dope photo-shoot @ El Batey (dive-bar in PR)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


HEY!!! Aqui para los que se perdieron mi serie de gatas (cercano a La Respuesta) en Santurce. Estos muros los trabaje de noche, mientras por el dia hacia presencia en CIRCA.

Ya no quedan ni rastro de estas chicas posiblemente debido a su material "tan explicito"... hasta la proxima!

Monday, July 6, 2009


SOFIA’s Birthday Party! LIVE PAINTING!!!

Jueves, JULIO 16 @ 9 PM FREE!!!
CAFE SEDA (157 calle San Sebastian Viejo San Juan)

MUSIC: E.A FLOW c/ La Banda Lubricante + DJ Over Lord + DJ BEZ
Featuring photographers: Pedro Feria & Priscila Vazquez