Saturday, February 21, 2009


This last Christmas vacation I went down to Puerto Rico... got to admit that life, skateboarding and graffiti have made me a taught girl. Even thou my vacations were not exactly as I planed I stick to my plan of doing the Skate Jam at the Tropical Storm Bowl, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. This is something I have been dreaming of since summer 2008.

It was a low-budget idea, we did a web-flyer which MadRican and Playwood Media help me to post in Facebook and Myspace. There were no directions to get to the bowl in the flyer. You had to ask a friend how to get there or just figure it out...

Wow! We got like 50 kids, skaters, friends, neighbors, a "phsyca", and very few girls. Yep! I was surprise everybody made it. We had a hell of a day! I made hot dogs for everybody... my BBQ skills are kinda crazy, but I did my best.

Early in the afternoon, thet boyz cleaning the dirty and full of plants bowl.

Yeah!... Huck rippin' it out!



The BBQ spot.

A friend, Giancarlos, Michelle, and me.

Em' I the only girl?... hahaha! like always.

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