Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Tropical Storm @ Maganan Projects, NYC

Fascinated by the multi-layered aspects of skateboarding culture, she developed The Tropical Storm Series after moving to New York. This series is divided into three major projects: the Broken Boards, the Bowl, and the Skate Bags. This exhibition opens up a dialog on the use of abandoned objects and spaces. It also explores disregarded aspects of the skateboarding culture.

Skater @ opening nite Robert Lopez. (Special thanks to Dustin and Adrian from RockStar Bearings for the ramp!)

The Broken Boards is a series of installations using found dilapidated skateboard decks. These decks remind her of the remains found after the devastation of hurricanes in the Caribbean. This project creates an aesthetic correlation between broken decks and materials that are residues of disaster.

The Bowl consists of the transformation of an abandoned swimming pool in the rainforest into a skate bowl. Like Sofia’s murals, skaters invade and bring new life to abandoned spaces. Through this project she generates a dialog about the revitalization of neglected sites.

The Skate Bags consist of limited edition hand-made gear that brings an element of femininity to the industry. They work to produce a new canon within the skater culture. They are stylized conceptions for the working woman that uses the skateboard as a means of transportation.

This exhibition compiles a diverse body of work establishing a dialog between Sofia’s artwork and the use of space and objects in society today. For more information visit Magnan Projects, NY.

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