Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The process of The Bowl

For those of you here intrested... I post some photos of the creative process on the making of The Bowl. On April 2008 I traveled to Puerto Rico (mi isla) to transform a dumped pool near the rainforest into a skate bowl. With the collaboration of Playwood Media, skateboarding video crew, and local skaters (Samyr, Yariel, Norbert, Boligoma, Huck, Pelu, Alexis, Kidell, Lengy, Fernie, MadRican and others) we clean and paint the site in 5 days.

The first day we took off all the plants and dirt off the pool. The second day the pool got flooded because of a tropical storm, so my friends help me to get the water out. By the third and forth day I painted a design on the bowl's floor. On the fifth day I finished the painting installation and we were able to ride. That day Robert Lopez, local skaters and the Misiles de Racimo Crew went to skate the bowl.

This project invades with color abandoned spots that can be skate. Thur the re-construction and use of abandoned urban spaces I pretend to establish a dialog between my artwork and the skater culture. At the moment we finish The Tropical Storm video that include the cleaning and painting process of the Bowl, combined with a skate sessions. I will upload some of it soon!!!

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